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Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in China, Japan, and other countries in the Far East with amazing results! Acupuncture is a system of checking and stimulating energy pathways in the body that correlate to your body functions including internal organs and emotions. We use Acugraph to measure the 12 main Acupuncture meridians as well as classic Acupuncture points used to treat a wide variety of health conditions. Many of our patients choose to return for wellness care once their original health issues improve because they notice that it improves their overall quality of life.

In fact, Acupuncture is used to help people with a wide variety of conditions.

What conditions do patients most often seek help for with Acupuncture?

-Back Pain

-Neck Pain



-Depression/Anxiety /Stress

-Infertility - Dr. Kristine Baker has extensive experience working with families trying to get pregnant. She has worked with both women and men who are:

-getting pregnant on their own

-preparing for IUI - intrauterine insemination

-preparing for IVF - In Vitro Fertilization, Donor Egg IVF, FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer and Donor Egg and Donor Embryo Frozen Embryo Transfer

Dr. Kristine Baker was featured on NBC Action News on Friday September 3, 2010 in a story about Acupuncture and Infertility.  Unfortunately, the video is no longer available.

-Morning Sickness

-Overdue Pregnancy/Naturally Inducing Labor

-Breech Pregnancy - helps encourage breech babies to find a better (vertex) position in the uterus

-Shoulder, Knee, Elbow, and Ankle Pain

-Pain/discomfort due to syringomyelia

-Sinus Problems

-Gout inflammation/pain

-Female Hormone Imbalances including

       High FSH

       Amenorrhea (lack of menstrual cycle)

       Irregular Periods

       PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

       PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder)

       Menopause (including perimenopause, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings)

       PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

       Helps encourage better hormone production/response in IUI, IVF, Embryo Transfer

       and other fertility procedures

-Fatigue, Low Energy, and Brain Fog including after General Anesthesia or Surgery

-Reactions to Botox Injections

-General Well Being and Health Maintenance

and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know where to place the needles, laser, or pressure?

I use use a tool called Acugraph that measures the electrical skin conductivity or energy coursing through the 12 main Acupuncture meridians.  From this report, I know exactly how these meridians are out of balance, and I can treat them accordingly.  I am also trained in classical Acupuncture, so I know certain Acupuncture points are good for certain conditions. 

Why do you use the Acugraph when you know classical Acupuncture?

The Acugraph technology allows me to customize the treatment to that particular patient, giving me an even higher rate of effectiveness with my Acupuncture Treatment.  For example, I could have 10 headache patients come in, and if I just used the "headache acupuncture points" I may get 60-70% effectiveness, because there are so many different types of headaches (sinus, gallbladder, weather change, dehydration, high blood pressure, spinal misalignment, cluster, migraines, and more).  However, if I can pinpoint which specific meridians are out of balance that are contributing to the headaches, then I can work to specifically balance those particular meridians as well.

Do you retest with the Acugraph immediately after treatment?

No, I do not retest immediately after treatment.  It would not give us any accurate results because at that point the energy in the meridians is moving around, and will keep shifting for at least 48 hours after an Acupuncture session.  You must allow the body to move through two complete Horary Cycles.  The Horary Cycle is a cycle in which each of the 12 main meridians is most active for the same two hour period of each 24 hour cycle.  The body has to circulate through this cycle twice to completely process the treatment.

When do you retest with the Acugraph?

I retest with Acugraph at each treatment session, and the Acugraph test is included with the cost of your Acupuncture session, so there are no additional fees when you need to be rechecked.  I recheck because as your body has a series of Acupuncture treatments, or you have a stressful day, or eat a lot of junk, or ANY stressor on the body, it will impact your Acugraph reading.  I retest immediately before your treatment to give you an accurate treatment that day, not just based upon the symptoms you had three weeks ago.

Do I get a copy of the Acugraph report?

Yes, I give my patients a copy of the Acugraph Chart as well as a Detailed Report at the first visit. This Detailed Report explains what kind of physical, mental, and emotional states they may have and how it correlates with the meridians that are imbalanced.  The report also incorporates where the spine is most likely subluxated or misaligned.  I like to give this report to my patients to educate them about Acupuncture and their body, and besides, the report is really interesting!   At each follow up appointment, the graph and report are printed off for you at your request.  I have many patients that like the report so much, that they want a copy at every visit!

How many treatments will I need for my condition?

There is no way I can tell someone that without a proper consultation and exam.  Even then, there are times I can't say for sure until after we have completed a trial of 4-6 visits.  Each person is different and there are so many factors like diet, exercise, sleeping habits, stress level at work, sensitivity to weather changes and more! 

I always let you know what I think you are going to need to achieve your goal, and I will update you if that changes along the way.  I treat you only as much as you need to be seen, and I will not have a patient keep returning for care if it is not making any difference.  I will also adjust your treatment plan if I feel that you have stabilized to the point of needing less frequent care.  Most of the time my patients choose to return for monthly or periodic treatments to maintain their health, but that is always up to you!

Can I call you to ask about my particular problem before I set up my first appointment?

Yes, I am always happy to talk to you and answer your questions.

Our first available new patient appointment is the week of 12/03/18

The office will closed November 8-13th while Dr. Baker is attending a conference.  

We do have a cancellation list for New Patient Appointments so if an appointment opens up sooner, we will be happy to see you at an earlier time. 

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "After just one session of Acupuncture and a Chiropractic Adjustment my pain level immediately began to reside and I had a renewed sense of hope. I really could not believe it. Dr. Kristine had already started giving me back my life."
    Liz Kansas City, MO
  • "You did it again! I feel like a million bucks! I truly feel like I get my "money's worth" when you treat me. Not only do you treat the problem at hand but you go the extra mile to do some preventative work."
    Tracey P. Kansas City, MO
  • "Dr. Baker is my miracle. Her caring ways and knowledgeable hands have helped me when no one else would. When I moved away from the area, I tried another acupuncturist and did not get as good results as with Dr. Baker. She has changed my life and I thank God every day that I met her and that she cared enough to help when no one else would."
    Annette D. Kansas City, MO
  • "I remember leaving my initial appointment feeling very empowered. I didn’t feel guilty, defeated, or responsible anymore. I felt very hopeful. I truly believe that the regular acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments played a huge role in my success with getting pregnant this second time."
    Sarah Kansas City, MO
  • "I feel so blessed to have been referred to Dr. Baker as I feel that she has totally improved my quality of life. I will always be grateful to my friend at church for leading me to her and I will always be grateful to her for making my life more enjoyable."
    Trudy B. Kansas City, MO

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