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Chiropractic, Acupuncture, CranioSacral Therapy, and Total Body Modification can be very helpful for many different symptoms that can come up during pregnancy including:

-Nausea/Morning Sickness

-Pubic bone pain/SPD

-Trouble sleeping




-Low Back pain

-Post-Dates Pregnancy

-Support during Pre-Eclampsia

-And More!

Dr. Baker is Webster Certified by the ICPA to to balance the mom's pelvis and uterus ligaments to promote better baby position.  We do not "turn breech babies".  We work on the mom's pelvis and uterine ligaments which gives the baby room to find the best position which is usually head down. 

*Click here to read how a breech baby turned after the mom's first treatment*

Why Mom needs a Chiropractor after she has a baby!

Once a woman is into the 2nd trimester of her pregnancy, at each visit we use Webster Technique to work on balancing the mom's pelvis and uterine ligaments, which promotes optimal positioning of the baby. If a mom can start Chiropractic care by 20 weeks of pregnancy her chances of a breech positioned baby are so much lower, in our personal experience.  There are some moms that come see us for the first time when they are 30 weeks pregnant with a breech positioned baby.  We teach them that we are not actually turning their baby, but adjusting their pelvis and the ligaments around the uterus to give the baby as much room to turn as possible.  Very often the moms come back after their first visit or two to report that the baby has successfully turned on their own to the vertex (head down) position.  I have even helped moms who are in their last month of pregnancy maximize their chances for a successful ECV (external cephalic version) if the baby is still in a breech position by the time they have an ECV appointment.

Doulas also refer their patients to us to help work on their client's pelvic alignment, especially if their care provider has told them their baby is in a breech position or OP (occiput posterior).  Doulas also refer their clients to our office to help encourage labor to start to avoid a hospital/medical/cervadil/pitocin induction. We are very passionate about empowering my pregnant patients to be their own advocate throughout their pregnancy and during the birth of their child. During your visit we always take the time to discuss any situations that could arise in your particular situation so that you are empowered to make the best decisions for you and your child(ren).

Dr. Baker has taken care of moms that were pregnant with twins as well, and have been able to adjust them all the way to term.  Moms of multiples extra appreciate the relief that Chiropractic care can bring to their back and pelvis!  Dr. Baker has also taken care of a mom pregnant with triplets!

We have had many women tell us that we have made their pregnancies so much easier, and that they wouldn't have been able to make it without the care they received at our office.  It is just a joy to take care of pregnant women and watch the stress and fatigue melt away after their treatments!

Call me at 816-842-3603 and ask about your particular concerns!  We have a huge passion for taking care of pregnant women and enjoy helping their pregnancy be easier and more comfortable.

All newborns should be checked for spinal and cranial misalignments after birth even with an uneventful vaginal birth.  This helps reduce the chances of ear infections, colic, poor sleeping habits, fussiness, positional plagiocephaly, and reflux,  which can be a result of the misalignment in the baby's spine and cranial bones!

If you would like to speak with Dr. Baker before scheduling, please submit your contact information.

We do have a cancellation list for New Patient Appointments so if an appointment opens up sooner, we will be happy to see you at an earlier time. 

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "After just one session of Acupuncture and a Chiropractic Adjustment my pain level immediately began to reside and I had a renewed sense of hope. I really could not believe it. Dr. Kristine had already started giving me back my life."
    Liz Kansas City, MO
  • "You did it again! I feel like a million bucks! I truly feel like I get my "money's worth" when you treat me. Not only do you treat the problem at hand but you go the extra mile to do some preventative work."
    Tracey P. Kansas City, MO
  • "Dr. Baker is my miracle. Her caring ways and knowledgeable hands have helped me when no one else would. When I moved away from the area, I tried another acupuncturist and did not get as good results as with Dr. Baker. She has changed my life and I thank God every day that I met her and that she cared enough to help when no one else would."
    Annette D. Kansas City, MO
  • "I remember leaving my initial appointment feeling very empowered. I didn’t feel guilty, defeated, or responsible anymore. I felt very hopeful. I truly believe that the regular acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments played a huge role in my success with getting pregnant this second time."
    Sarah Kansas City, MO
  • "I feel so blessed to have been referred to Dr. Baker as I feel that she has totally improved my quality of life. I will always be grateful to my friend at church for leading me to her and I will always be grateful to her for making my life more enjoyable."
    Trudy B. Kansas City, MO

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